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Worm Wheels, Bushings,Pipes,etc.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a suppliers of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Centrifugal Casting of any capacity/weight/size/length and any metal grades. We are supplying Worm Wheels of Bronze Metal Direct on Cast Iron Hub thus saving on material, machining and money. We can also take job for Centrifugal Casting of Turbine Wheel with or without machining.
We are offering Centrifugal Casting in various grades of Alloy Steels and Stainless Steel. They are used in hydraulic cylinders, gear blanks for helical and crown pinion gears, bearing hubs, flanges, flywheels, chain sprockets, cement pipe mould rings, ring joint gaskets, spindles, valve sheets, ball valves, radiant tubes, tubes used in petro-chemical industries, etc.
Centrifugal Casting Process is also known as “Liquid Forging”. Molten Metal is Forced against the mould wall under High Pressure (more than 120 times of gravity). The combination of Centrifugal Force and Rapid Cooling Metal and Increases the actual mechanical properties, while providing a uniform metallurgical structure and therefore, products will have improved strength, durability and performance as equal to “Forged Components”. Composite Casting (E.G. Hard outer / ductile inner layer) can be carried out cost effectively.